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  • '주체적 삶'이란 내가 좋아하는 것을 공부할 때 비로소 가능해진다.  삶의 마지막 순간까지 놓치지 않을 관심의 대상과 목표가 있어야 주체적 삶이다. '자아실현(自我實現)'은 공부를 통해 구체화된다. 

?miyoung.gifHello? I am a 55 year -old Lee, Mi - Young housewife . Living the Nowon-gu, Seoul Wolgye and live only to kill , then married here. Appearance is short and stout side, but everything I try hard I like to exercise . The character is quiet , but active while many hobbies is good. Some full-blooded and cowardly thing is not impatient personality. You can see a little social tteoleojindago hate to lie and exceptionally honest.

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